Going to Panamá?

Tips Before You Leave

How to access Claro services

Enjoy of all the benefits that CLARO (71403 ó PAN03) offers verifying that in your mobile telephone screen appears CLARO, 71403 ó PAN03. If your phone do not attach automatically to Claro network, you need to select the CLARO network on your handset, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Main Menu and Select "Settings"
  2. Select "Phone Settings"
  3. Select "Network Settings" or "System Selection"
  4. Select Manual and then "CLARO", "71403" ó "PAN03"

* The procedure of registration can change depending on the configuration of the menu according to the telephone.

How to Dial

Customer Services

In case of problems with the service you can contact the customer care number of your operator, go to the nearest of our Customer Service Centers (CAC) or call our Call Center *611.